When do you need to upgrade stadium lighting?

by Bruno
stadium and stadium lights
stadium and stadium lights

Stadium lights are very important tools for any game, especially in the night. However, you might need to upgrade your lights frequently due to many reasons.

If you are in charge of stadium maintenance, you have to ensure perfect lighting to continue the sports. So it is important to know when do you need to upgrade stadium lighting. Here we are to help you with these issues.

When do you need to upgrade stadium lighting? Know Hereā€¦

Here are some important factors you can consider to replace or upgrade your stadium lighting. Let us go

Higher Efficiency with Reduced Energy Consumption

The most important factor about lighting is the energy consumption and efficiency. Generally, stadium lighting consumes heavy power because of long time duty. So if you see that your lights are using a lot of electricity and your monthly bill is hiking on the top, you must consider upgrading your system.

For example, A metal halide bulb consumes 1500 W electricity, which means if it runs for 10 hours daily, it consumes 450 Units of electricity, whereas a LED of 500W consumes 150 Units of electricity delivering the same lightening facility. So the energy consumption reduces dramatically as well as the efficiency increases to 33%.

To Reduce the Maintenance Cost

Every unit of lighting has a lifetime to which it provides bright light. For example, if a unit gives excellent brightness up to 10000 hours, after the mentioned time, the brightness will be decreased. Therefore, you need frequent repair increasing the maintenance cost. In such a condition, it is better to upgrade your stadium lighting fixtures as soon as possible.

stadium lights

To Avail Dimmable Option

During a sport, you must have to ensure proper lighting to each and every corner of the stadium. Sometimes you may need to dim the light. So if your lighting system does not have this facility, you might upgrade it to avail of a dimmable option.

Integrated Power System

In modern lighting units, they come with an integrated power system facility. The advantages are easy to control, maintain, and troubleshoot, as well as reducing the weight of the total module. If you need to consider those things about your lighting, you may switch it into an updated one.

Obtain Higher Quality of Light

A blurry or improper lighting system can cause problems in the vision resulting in an unwanted situation for the players and the spectators in the stadium. It also ensures the total safety of the stadium because there might be thousands of spectators there. So you must ensure higher quality light to provide maximum comfort. If you have an issue with low-quality lighting, replace it now.


To sum up, it is prevalent to know when do you need to upgrade stadium lighting. Consider the things mentioned above before upgrading your stadium lighting as well as to avail a good quality lighting. Hopefully, it will help you to make decisions at the right time and right place.

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