Factors to consider when purchasing light bulbs

by Bruno

New efficiency requirements for light made everyone switch to LED and CFL bulbs. Many LED and CFL light bulbs have therefore come up in different styles and abilities. Choosing the correct light bulb could be more difficult now.

Regardless of the number of designs that have sprouted over the years, we are experienced enough and fully qualified to give you an essential light buying guide. We will help you to make the right choice of LED bulbs from online stores like khayie.com. The five essential features that you should consider checking for are discussed in this guide.

Five light bulb features to consider when purchasing light bulbs


There are different lighting technology types available for choice, such as compact fluorescent, incandescent, energy saver, halogen saver, and LED light bulbs. The correct light bulb is efficient, durable, and has the proper amount of brightness to suit your needs.

Shape and cap

The shape and cap are the primary parts of a light bulb. The cap fits into the bulb holder, while the shape is the top section which glows.

Caps come in two different sizes. That is the bayonet cap and the small bayonet cap. Another type of cap is the Edison screw and small Edison screw, which you have to twist to fit your bulb in the holder. Spotlight and downlights have the GU10 cap that you need to push and twist to fit.

Shapes also vary from one bulb to another. The most common is the general light service, which the traditional shape used in many households. The candle and golf ball is used on wall lights and chandeliers. A globe, on the other hand, is an excellent fit for light pendants.


Traditionally, light bulbs have been measured in watts, although today, brightness is measured in lumens. You need to check the lumens in the packet before settling for a particular bulb. For instance, the old 75W bulb is 1000 to 1100 lumens.

Color Temperature

You need to also look at the right color when choosing a light bulb. There are different shades of a specific color. The color temperature is measure in Kelvins. 2700 Kelvins is an extra warm white color and is ideal for use at home. Offices would need up to 4000K, which is a brighter white, and areas such as laundries and laboratories would need daylight-like whites with a measure of up to 6000K.

Dimming ability

You have the choice of going for a dimmable light bulb. There are dimmable LED light bulbs that might not work with the traditional dimmers, and you may need to get a modern dimmer switch to help you dim your bulbs. Although, if you do not want to do an upgrade, purchasing a modern LED light bulb would be a better idea.

Selecting the correct light bulb needs you to be aware of your primary use of light, design needs, and personal preference. Light has an essential function in the interior design of a room. Therefore, it would be best if you were careful when choosing the correct light bulb for your space.

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