The Primary Components Of A Wagon Wheel Chandelier

by Bruno

Chandeliers are branched light fixtures often used as ornaments. They are typically hung from a ceiling. However, they can also be mounted on walls. There are several types of chandeliers on the market. Currently, wagon wheel chandeliers are pretty popular. Wagon wheel chandeliers are usually made using a wagon wheel. Their popularity can be attributed to their aesthetic appeal and their uniqueness. Here, we look at wagon wheel chandelier components and benefits.

Elements of a wagon wheel chandelier

Below are the main parts that make up a wagon wheel chandelier;

1. The wagon wheel

As the name suggests, the wagon wheel is the primary component or element of this type of chandelier. It is also the most significant part of the lighting fixture. The wagon wheel hosts all the other components of the product are made from a wide range of materials. Wood is one of the most popular materials used to make this component. The wood creates a rustic appeal to the entire product.

2. The bulb holders

The other significant component of this type of chandelier is the bulb holder. Chandeliers are usually made up of several bulbs on a single fixture. In this case, the fixture is the wagon wheel which has several bulb holders. The number of bulb holders usually depends on the brand and design. Some can hold up to twelve bulbs on the same fixture. The design and type of bulb holder usually influence the types of bulbs used on the chandelier.

3. The chain

The chain is the part used to hang the chandelier from the ceiling. Owing to their design, wagon wheel chandeliers usually have more than one chain holding them. The chains are used to provide a balance. It also helps protect the chandelier from falling. Note that the hanging component does not necessarily have to be a chain. Some brands use ropes.

What are the benefits of using wagon wheel chandeliers

Below are a few reasons why you may want to acquire a wagon wheel chandelier for your home;

1. They are aesthetically appealing

The lights have a rugged and rustic appeal to them. Therefore, they can transform the appearance of the room where it is used. For this reason, you can use the wagon wheel chandeliers as home décor. Note that you can decorate your wagon wheel chandelier according to your home décor and needs.

2. They provide ample lighting

The chandeliers also provide ample lighting. The fact that a single chandelier can hold multiple light bulbs makes this possible.

3. They are easy to maintain

These chandeliers feature a simple design that allows you to change the bulbs and maintain them effortlessly.

Who can use wagon wheel chandeliers?

A wagon wheel chandelier can be hard to incorporate if your house does not feature a western theme. However, the market features a wide range of wagon when chandelier designs you can acquire depending on the theme of your home.

Final Word

Note that not all wagon wheel chandeliers use electric bulbs. There are specific designs that hold candles. They are known as candle-style wagon wheel chandeliers. However, this type is not as common as its counterparts.

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