How To Select Modern Ceiling Lights And Chandelier?

by Bruno

Are you looking to get the best modern ceiling lights in your vicinity? Don’t go for the most pricey or flashy selection you find. There is a vital consideration you have to make before you buy and install your modern lights. Here is a quick guide you help you through it. Let’s get right down on it:

Decide On The Theme

The first thing you need to do is determine the theme of the entire decor. Each room can have an individual theme. However, the vibes should match and blend. For example, an artistic approach will have a different appeal to it. Then there’s contemporary or abstract design.

Consider the kind of furniture you have, the color of the walls and other things. This will help you narrow things down. It will impact the selection of the right chandelier for your room or house.

There Is Always A Symmetry

While deciding on the appearance of your chandelier, remember that even modern chandeliers have a specific symmetry. These contemporary brilliance tend to have a peaceful balance that you won’t be able to point fingers at. However, symmetry matters for the size, position, and installation of your chandelier.

For example, you can’t get too low for hanging or too high. Around 7-10 feet from the floor level is a good choice. Similarly, 30-48 inches distance from the room’s wall is a good idea. Finally, if you have a table, the chandelier should be 2/3rd to 3/4th of the diameter. These are some general rules of thumb you can’t ignore.

Visual Appeal Matters The Most

The chandelier is a visual brilliance. It works with light, and everything about it focuses on visual appeal. The lights can’t be blindingly intense or too dull to spoil the ambiance. That’s why a dial always comes in handy. LED lights are a great choice as they last longer, and you can control them. If you can get color-changing lights, that’s even better.

Complimentary Lighting Is A Great Idea

The chandelier doesn’t have to be the only hanging light in the room. You can add other hanging brilliance, like pendant lights that would complement the chandelier. These are great for bigger halls or rooms and look the part. Complimentary lights help elevate the ambiance while also highlighting the chandelier. Consider them if you’re trying luxurious chandelier lights.

Customization Goes A Long Way

You might get bored of the decor you have right now. Maybe you’re one of the people who like to redecorate from time to time. Therefore, you should get a modern chandelier that can blend and settle with different styles. Sure, most of them will do the job. However, customization is a good idea as well.

For example, adding extra lights or layers of decoration on the chandelier. Alternatively, you should look for something that will at least last around 5 to 10 years.


This step-by-step guide is sufficient to get you through the most challenging selections. It is a roadmap to help you find the best contemporary chandeliers that suit your preference and requirements.

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