The Pros Of Investing In Color Changing LED Lights

by Bruno

Compared to other incandescent bulbs, LED color changes light bulbs to have a higher energy efficiency percentage. It can also last up to ten years without having any problem hence cost-effective. LED lights also convey health-friendly characteristics compared to other lights we use in our homes and offices. The following are the unique features of LED color changing RGB strip light. 

1. Longer life span

Compared to incandescent lights, which have a lifespan of 2000 hours, LED lights to take up to 60,000 hours. Even though its initial cost is relatively high, it becomes less costly over time compared to other light bulbs.

2. LED lights are safer

Led lights are less prone to fire accidents since it operates under a low voltage. It produces poor light quality, which translates to a healthy and safer environment to live in. The low heat produced means no radiation is emitted.

3. Durability

Most bulbs get damaged during freezing weather. LED lights have better resistance to external forces. It also has a low likelihood of getting shattered quickly.

4. Ability to focus light

LED lights are focused since the light produced is in one direction. This feature contributes to reducing the consumption of energy as no light gets wasted. In a broader environment, many lumens are used, translating to better illumination.

5. Reliability

LEDs are the most preferred source of lighting. They operate well under low-temperature conditions. They are also to withstand the external pressure brought about by vibration. It is advisable to use these lights outdoors and in areas where fluctuations in temperatures are experienced.

6. Flexibility

The size and shapes of the LEDs do not matter in lighting. It is always in a position to give you what you want, no matter the shape and the design that comes in.

7. Cost-effectiveness

The issue of cost has been rising over time when it comes to lighting. Using LED lighting would reduce the cost a great deal. In the US analysis in 2015 based on the cost of lighting was done. It shows that a more significant portion of income among the people was used to cater for lighting expenses. LED lighting would trim down the figure to a lower percentage.

8. Ability to work under low voltage

Conventional bulbs are not able to work under low voltage. LED lights are unique since they work well under low voltage. Stored energy in LED lights can last longer as it is conserved as compared to other bulbs.

9. Ability to withstand the rough application

Lights, mostly in homes, are prone to abuse by children. They get switched on and off every time. The rough handling of ordinary lights might make them get damaged—the frequency of switching on lights and off does not damage LED lights.

Final Thoughts

Color changing LED lights are recommended for use. They contribute to lower electricity bills, and their energy is efficient. They are also used for therapy purposes. The blue light is set for energy purposes, the red light for recovery, and the green light for pain relief. LED lights tend to be of higher quality as it has a longer lifespan compared to other lights.

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