What to Know About LED Parking Lot Lights

by Bruno

Ensuring your parking lot is lit at night can be quite expensive. Most business owners face the problem of not getting adequate light throughout their parking lot. Having a parking lot that is poorly lit makes customers, visitors, and employees feel unsafe, and the dark spots in the parking area can create an environment for criminal activities. Upgrading or replacing your parking lot lights may seem to be expensive, but are there no affordable options.

The truth is that parking lot lights installed several years ago may be inefficient and expensive to run. Therefore, there is a need to install new LED parking lot lights. Lower maintenance costs, utility cost savings, and extended life span offers LED lighting systems a better return on investment and quickly offset replacement costs. The following are some of the things you need to know concerning LED parking lot lighting.

LED Versus HID

HIDs are arch lamps that transmit light through the electric current between the ionized gas and two electrodes. Another gas is used that determines if the HID is mercury, metal halide lamp, or mercury. You should note that HIDs need a ballast to create an initial electrical surge and regulate power. Although HIDs generate greater illumination and less power as compared to halogen bulbs, they are nothing when you compare them to LED technology.

LED lights are comprised of tiny bulbs that are fitted into an electric circuit. When they are turned on, electricity passes through the semiconductor and makes it to emit photons. You should note that LEDs provide a uniform spread of illumination. Therefore, LED parking lot lights are more efficient, durable, and cost-effective in the long run.

Pole Placement

Although there are various parking lot lights are attached to poles. This provides a vantage point, and light can illuminate throughout the lot. When switching your light fixtures to LED pole lights, you need to decide whether you should replace existing poles. The fact that LED lighting offers more light distribution, you can get better results with minimal light fixtures. Therefore, you will not need many poles.

Replacement Versus Retrofitting

Retrofitting can be defined as a process of incorporating improved technology into existing systems. The LED retrofit lights utilize improved lighting technology and cost less when it comes to installing new fixtures. However, cost savings the compelling reason people go this particular route. The idea of retrofitting is to retain property’s aesthetics, particularly when it matches your preferred architectural design. Like the light poles, the existing fixtures ought to be the inappropriate shape and support the LED technology.

LED Parking Lot Lights Assessments

You should note that LED technology is growing at a high rate, and as a result, it reduces the cost of LED parking lot lights. If you are planning to switch to LED lighting, but not sure whether cost savings are worth the investment, you should seek expert parking lot lighting assessment. In this case, an expert will carry out ROI timetable and cost savings based on the current system and estimates for LED lighting. Moreover, they will design the layout that accommodates lighting level requirements. source: https://www.adiding.com/Three-Benefits-of-LED-Parking-Lot-Lighting-a63511.html.

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