LED Grow Lights vs HPS Grow Lights

by Bruno

A grow light is a lamp that gives off an electromagnetic spectrum that is needed for photosynthesis. The light provided is similar to that of natural sunlight and allows indoor growth. There are different types ofgrow lights two of which will be discussed in this article are LED Grow Lights and HPS grow lights. LED is short for light emitting diodes. They allow electricity to pass only in one direction. These diodes emit visible light when electricity is applied, similar to that of a light bulb.

There is a great difference between these two types of grow lights. grow led lights are known to lower power consumption. These grow lights put high intensity light in confined areas. They are also known to lower the amount of heat output as well as the cost of maintenance, because photosynthetic pigments such as carotene and chlorophyll which tend to absorb light strongly at certain wavelengths, plants do not use every part of the spectrum equally. The performance of these grow lights can be changed if the proper proportions in color are used. Plants can use most of the light provided by these grow lights. They do not scorch tender and young plants. They are good for nearly all types of plants. These lights are very versatile. With LED lights you can grow a variety of fruits and vegetables which makes things more convenient for growers.

HPS is short for high pressure sodium. They are used by gardeners to increase the amount of sunlight in a day and to supplement for natural sunlight in places that do not have enough sunlight in order for plants to survive. HPS grow lights provide more red and yellow colors. The light can be used throughout the plants growth cycle. They are used best with metal halide lights. The lights are used with a reflector. This is done to heighten and check the light provided and includes an electric ballast to contain the electrical current in the light. One of the drawbacks of using high pressure sodium lights is the lack of blue light. This light dictates a form of supplemental lighting during other growth phases when natural sunlight is unavailable. This issue dictates the use of the LED light which produces the blue light. The blue light helps the growth and vegetation process which gives it an advantage. Another advantage is that LED grow lights replaces ballasts whereas the hps grow lights require it.

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